The conference aim is to highlight the increasing willingness of researchers and operators in water and environment fields, to develop the applications of research results for development, protection and management of water resources with rational and thoughtful use. The will is to ensure harmonious social and economic development, to ensure a permanent match and a sustainable balance between water needs and available resources, and to have an operating strategy for the coming decades, which determines technical options for management and conservation of water resources and also institutional, legal and economic instruments to ensure economical and sustainable water use.

It’s necessary to have a strong cooperation between river basins organizations and research programs to facilitate experience and know-how transfer on best practices basin management and their adaptation in different contexts.

The regional programs MEDFRIEND, FRIEND AOC, FRIEND Nile and FRIEND SADC are particularly concerned by this conference; also papers proposals from other regions are welcome.

This conference also takes place with the scientific sponsorship of AISH, and within the context of UNESCO's World Large Rivers Initiative, the International Drought Initiative and UNESCO's International Sediment Initiative.