El Djazair, Algiers, or the gateway to the most immense country in the Maghreb, the entire Mediterranean basin, and Africa. From the sea, Algiers "the white", "the joyful" or "well guarded" appears as a jewel stretched on the hillside crowned with greenery, marrying its bay in sickle. 3 million Algerians now live in its agglomeration,one tenth of the population of the country, and by its port transits a third of the international exchanges of the country.

Algeria is the first documentary made entirely from the sky over Algeria. Yann Arthus-Bertrand's eye makes us discover this magnificent country, with its rich cultural and natural riches. From the North to the South and from West to East, it is the daily life of a whole population that the director shows us,That it inhabits the hectic big coastal cities, the mountains of the Atlas, the oases of the Sahara or the gentle hills of the Sahel. Rich in a past where all civilizations seem to have crossed, and a territory where all natural environments seem to exist, Algeria appears here in all its diversity and unity. The director gives free rein to his fascination with forms, colors, faces and human footprints to create an exceptional portrait of the biggest country on the African continent and the Mediterranean.